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Photography Records

Photography Records grew out of a desire to produce photos with the same emotional impact as our favorite music. I believe that both music and photography are unique in their ability to evoke strong emotions and memories.

A skilled photographer is similar to a jazz musician in many ways. While it takes training to master the instrument, the real skill and challenge is in the interpretation and interaction with the people, mood, rhythm and environment. As a photographer, I am constantly looking around to absorb the scene as fully as possible. I immerse myself in the moment.

During and after earning a photojournalism degree at the University of Florida, I worked at several different newspapers developing my craft. My work has been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association and the Michigan Press Photographers Association.

Whatever I am photographing, my vision is the same. I strive to capture real and intimate moments. To do so I must devote myself to the people I am photographing. This is my commitment to you. Photography Records is based out of Los Angeles, CA.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session contact Marvin Halelamien:

E-mail: info@photographyrecords.com

Phone: (626) 629-8455

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